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Bar Handling Area

Shivam Industrial Tools Company manufactures complete bar handling system which auatomates the rolling mill plant till the end product. SITCO makes bar handling systems, bar counting system, bar bending system and bar tying or bundling system.

Chain Transfer Systems
Shivam Industrial Tools Company designs technical upgraded Chain Transfer Systems, which are installed at the side of run out roller table after the cold shear.

In this, the first chain set cuts across the run out roller table after the cold shear. It has its resting on the common tie bar, which is fixed with the pneumatic cylinders. The cut bar lot in the system received on the run-out roller table, where the chains set lifts. Here, the chain moves across the rolling line & shifts the cut bar lot to the set distance of the chain transfers.

Stacker and building Systems
Stackers provides handling of straight and reverse layers for all type of sections. Mechanical handling or Magnetic handling of the straight and reverse layer with high stacking cycle performance. Stackers provide built-in bundling function. Bundlers for round and flat bars are available together with bar counting for rounds and small bundle processing systems. The packing form can be round, square, rectangular and hexagonal.

Binding Systems
Automatic binding of the packages and bundles is available with wire or strapping.

Weighing & labeling
All bundles can be automatically weighed and further labeled for quality assured delivery of the finished products.


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